6 of the most creative promotional t-shirt designs ever

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Before any corporate event, convention, or teambuilding event, it’s smart to have all of your promotional materials in place. Custom t-shirts create a bond among volunteers at community service projects and convention attendees. You might also consider creating unique sets of t-shirts for any of these types of events. Promotional t-shirts reaffirm your company’s image in the eyes of prospective clients and your current employees. They are a quick and easy way to present your company’s logo and make it memorable. At 5 Cents T-Shirt Design, we believe that “Awesomized Tees Have More Fun.”

Promotional Bag

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This bag is an example of the variety of great promotional designs 5 Cents T-Shirt Design can do. In addition to promotional t-shirts, tank tops, and polo shirts, you can design a custom travel mug, tote bag, and more. You can design your idea yourself, or, for just five cents, ask us to create an awesome idea using your parameters.

We’re Kind of a Big Deal

promo t-shirts, custom t-shirts

Who’s the best team on campus? You are! Wear your team and university pride with a custom-designed t-shirt.

Headphone Disco Silent Party

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When you have a block party or other fun get-together, why not hand out shirts before the party gets rocking? Design a shirt for your event that’s as unique as the guests coming. It makes for a great ice breaker, and people will love having a souvenir from the event.

Want to Get Relayed? Relay for Life

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Relay For Life is the signature fundraising event for the American Cancer Society. Relay for Life events take place on college campuses, in local communities, and online. Design a t-shirt that’s customized to your own Relay For Life event and raise awareness.

Show Your Stripes

promo items, promo tshirts, custom tshirts

A hashtag encourages social interaction with your organization and the event your shirt is promoting. Design a t-shirt that displays your hashtag and logo loud and clear, and let the followers keep coming.

Corporate Run

promo items, promo tshirts, custom tshirts

When you’re hosting a corporate event, be prepared and have your promotional materials organized in advance. Design a shirt that displays your company’s logo and the event so everyone can have a wearable reinforcement of your brand.

Promo materials stay with people and work hard way after the event is over. They’re a great way to connect with your colleagues, clients, and other team members. Visit AwesomizedTees to view a variety of promotional items.