T-Shirts as Marketing Weapons: How Do Top Companies Do it?

There is no better place to promote the company’s brand image than on a t-shirt. The t-shirt is easy to wear and easily seen by anyone. Consider the reasons why this marketing method is effective at getting more people interested in your business.

T-Shirts Are Powerful Tools

The t-shirt is the first piece of apparel that people see when they look at you. Use the large front of the shirt as an advertising billboard to greet anyone who sees you, even from a distance. Your shirt is the first impression that people make of you and the company, and you only make one great impression in the business world.

Consider the number of people who could wear a t-shirt, too. Encourage employees and sponsors to buy branded apparel and wear it anywhere they want. Host at least one event with everyone wearing the t-shirts to boost morale for the company. Some people do not change their clothes for decades, so people will know about your company for many years.

T-Shirts Are Affordable and Easy to Design

In addition to being easy to wear, branded t-shirts are easy to buy and design. Most corporate t-shirt designs are not complicated to make by most clothing designers. There are high standards to follow when you design a t-shirt for business. Some companies use a simple logo near the breast pocket to advertise their brand. Other companies simply have the company’s name, a message and an optional picture on the front or back.

Any small business owner can afford to buy t-shirts in bulk. The cost is the same as one or two week’s salary for one of the employees, not including discounts for bulk orders and free shipping at some stores.

Marketing T-Shirts Online Is an Option

Now, you can take your work a step further by marketing t-shirts online. Decide who you want to be seen in your apparel and reach out to specific types of buyers. It’s more effective to sell your shirts alongside other branded apparel like hats, bags and pants. Get the best results only when you have a marketing plan firmly in place.

Marketing through apparel is a popular trend in addition to marketing through videos or social media. Design a t-shirt that attracts the attention of everyone without spending a fortune. Allow the business leaders and employees to think more creatively and make the marketing campaign more exciting.