Togetherness Rules: 5 Sisterhood Bonding Ideas

Connection is a beautiful thing, and anytime spent together is special, which is why sisterhood bonding ideas are important. The following are five sorority retreat ideas that should help with bonding.

1. Break the Ice

Sisterhood bonding ideas starts with helping sisters get out of their comfort zones, which means you have to pay attention to each sister. Try to pair sisters who do not talk much with someone who does. Pairing girls at a retreat can be done by simply having them ride in a car with each other or bunking with each other.

2. Create Together

All sorority retreat ideas should include creating something as a group. Encouraging your sisters to come up with something together forces them to work with each other. For example, a theme can be created amongst your sisters, and its execution can use everyone’s talent. Another good idea is to create a t-shirt together that the whole sorority can use. Everyone can submit a design, or teams can submit a design and vote on it. And don’t forget, that 5 Cents T-Shirt Design can help you create one for only 5 cents!

3. Little Games

A big part of bonding is getting to know each other, which makes some games invaluable during this retreat; for example, consider the truths game. This game starts with each sister writing down a few facts about who they are and putting them in a bag or box. Each of these facts are read during the campfire, and everyone tries to guess who it is. Every sister gets a turn, and every sister needs to guess.

4. Common Interest

Another interesting bonding idea is to have sisters discuss topics they care about. What you can do is ask sisters to reveal some of the things they care about like shows, gossip, or other things. You will use this information to set up group meetings just to talk. It is an easy way to get sisters to discover that another sister shares their passion.

5. Body Heat

This might sound a little strange, but people naturally bond when they hug each other. It might sound like a cheesy exercise, but a hugging session where everyone hugs each other for a minute should help your sisters bond. Let the hugging sessions be free as some people tend to talk about issues that might be bothering them.

Of course, these are just a few bonding ideas that you can try during your sorority retreat, but just remember that the key is to help everyone connect.

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